RPG for beginners

Star Wars never gets old… and this is even more true now  with the announcement of the new movies (and man I can’t wait, I just hope Disney and J.J. Abrams won’t mess it all up).

So how do we pass the time until the next movie?… We play Role-playing games of course :)

I’m one of those people who have played RPG’s for a long long time (in a galaxy far far away), but I know not everyone is as geeky as me. So what do you do if Role-playing is a new and undiscovered country for you?

Well I would pick up this…


…and even though I’m not a “beginner” I actually did pick it up too.

Now doing a review of this game from my point of view wouldn’t exactly be fair (though I must say in short I really like it). So to get a true beginners perceptive on it I lured my good friend to the dark side :)

After waving my hand in front of him saying slowly but firmly “You want to buy this game”, and him repeating it after me, he went and bought it.

He’s been kind enough to answer some question about the game that I hope will be useful to other role players, beginners and veterans alike. So enough of my ramblings for now, let’s see what he has to say shall we?

How well do you know the Star Wars universe?
I’m fairly familiar with the universe. I watched IV, V and VI at least 4-5 times

and the prequels just 2-3 times. I’m not a big hater of the prequels as some die-hard fans are. Although there are scenes that annoy me. The Empire Strikes Back is probably my favorite movie, because of the Hoth scenes and Cloud City.

 What is your general experience with RPG’s?
None. I’ve seen RPG been played at a game club during my studies, but never had an itch to get involved. As stupid as it sounds I am/was a sucker for game components too. So buying just a book to start a game was lame imo. I was to busy with CCG’s anyway. So, why buy Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game? It seemed like the best introduction into RPG there could be; Great universe to explore, Total package to get started for noobs, pretty components. With the adventure in the box you can play right away and learn the game while taking part of the story.
What’s your favorite part of the box set? (and why?)
Probably the custom etched dice, they are very nice.  I’m just not sure they included enough dice. Some characters seem to need four Ability dice, but there are only three included in the game. I suppose you can reroll one and remember the previous roll, but it seems illogical ;) The fact they included some nice maps and counters will make playing for beginners so much better too.
Do you feel you have enough information to be a GM?
Yes, I think they provide everything in the beginner game to be a GM. They include an introduction Sheet which shows how some dialog could go in-game. That was really helpful. I do think playing a couple of sessions is needed to get some experience in being the GM.
What are you mostly looking forward to?

While being the GM I look forward seeing the players getting involved in the story and letting their creativity go wild. I also would like to get my own creative juices flowing and see what I can come up with for the players.

What are you most afraid of will happen?
I’m afraid of two things. Me looking up answers to questions all the time instead of having fun. And I’m also afraid players will do things that I didn’t for see so I need to steer the story back into the direction of the adventure. After some experience I can see that last fear become enjoyable though.

A big thanks to him for helping out, I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

After he’s used his jedi mind tricks on some of his other friends we’ll talk to him again about his first experiences with the game, so stay tuned :)
If you want to know more about the game you can read a lot more about it here

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